Fully Computerised Decontaminator / Emulsion Separator​

​The problem the inventor wanted to solve:

Fully Computerised Emulsion Separator, which will decontaminate any oil or fat emulsion material.

In our system we created a very tightly controlled electronic system, producing exactly only the necessary small amount of Fe (VI) and / or poly-Aluminium-hydroxide.

The contaminated industrial / technical wash-waters are declared as dangerous waste materials, due to environment protection. A majority of countries in the world have fixed the limit of oil or fatty content to a maximum 5ppm. In the world market we could not find any instruments or fully computerised processes able to fulfil this requirement, i.e. cleaning dirty (e.g. oily/fatty) water in the one flow-through process. Our invention operates under a PLC Control System, which works as a Computer Program and/or Operator Controlled Equipment.

This is a unique Computerised Control System with one alarm process for any controlled Industry processes. It can monitor any technological parameter at any remote place on Earth via Internet i.e. a wireless control and alarm system. We use this automatic computer system with any sensors, transmission units (e.g. mobile phone) plus geographical coordinates and picture handling system (Google Earth) for creating an automatic information-generating equipment.

The sensors send the control signal to the PLC, which gives one call to the central information distributor unit anywhere in the world. On this basis it can send (according to the pre-programmed distributor list) several messages (e.g. SMS, e-mail) or sound messages. These messages go continuously for the Operator PLC can contain all the necessary technological parameters, the geographical coordinates, and the needed actions.

This equipment is a fully computerised system at any place, and any time, and anywhere in the world which gives us secure industrial control.

Fields of application
- Any Industrial Process
- Sludge Decontamination
- Petro-chemical procedures
- Metal-work industry
- Milk and Meat Industry
- Transport service and washing
- Harbour water cleaning
- Etc.

- This equipment is a fully computerised system which via Internet and Ethernet systems, at any place, and any time, and anywhere in the world can give us a secure industrial control process.
- This is a Computerised Control System with one alarm process for any controlled Industry processes.
- Very safety and low price process.
- E.g.: oily/ fatty Emulsion Separator under fully computerised system, highly energy-efficient, using less than 100 Watts per m3.
  + there are two different results in the same time: cleared technical water and 1-2% sludge
  + the only fully controlled process, which is able to produce the <5ppm result, with the parameters above.

Stage of development
Industrialised process

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Last updated: 30/4/2013
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