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Last updated: 29/4/2013
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Curricula Vitae
1968 Chemical Engineering at the Technical University, Budapest (BME)

Professional appointments
1974-1988 Assistant Professor at the General and Analytical Chemistry Department of BME
2011 onwards Associate Professor h.c. at the General and Analytical Chemistry Department of BME

Main research fields - a new measurement technique for electrokinetic potential of hydrofil colloidal particles, current polarized solid membrane ion-selective electrodes, system theory of the analytical chemistry, development of coagulation control model in water clarification processes.

Additional skills and training
Cofounder of the Aqua-Concorde Water Analysis and Technology LLC,1992 and head of the R&D Laboratory. Main research profiles are research for new analytical methods, developments of analytical instruments, developments of process control instrumentation of water and wastewater technologies. 1992-93 leader of the research team which discovered the new spectrometric source of the electrolyte cathode discharge (ELCAD). This innovation provided the first direct metal analysis method for monitoring of the municipal and industrial waste waters.

Recent activity focusing on the following fields: general model of glow discharge plasmas, fast measuring principle for corrosivity of fluids, extremely stable and sensitive microcoulometric detector for halogenid ions, isotope effects in the electroanalytical methods.

Scientific publication (Web of Science): international publications 25, international conference proceedings: 14, independent citations: 451.

International research and scientific adviser activity: postdoctoral research fellow in 1975 at Louisiana State Univ., New Orleans, scientific adviser for shorter periods between 1994-2011 : W.W.R.Grace Corp., Washington Research Center, Columbia, MD, USA; Environmental Technology Group, Inc., Baltimore, PA, USA; YUIL Environmental Institute, Seoul, S.Korea; Case Western Reserve University, Biomedical Eng. Dept.,Cleveland, OH, USA; National Central Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt; WWTT Corp., Wilmington DE, USA ; CENTIVE GmbH, Bremen, D;
Dr Tamas