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Last updated: 29/4/2013
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Dr Ferenc Cser
1991 Doctor of Chemical Science - Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Thesis work: Mesomorphic Polymers.

1974 PhD - Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
 Thesis work: Topotactic Solid State Polymerisation.

1970 Dr of Technology with summa cum laude, Budapest Technical University, Budapest, Hungary,
 Faculty of Chemical Engineering.
 Thesis work: Structural Investigation of Solid State Polymerisation.

1961 M. of Technology with honour, Budapest Technical University
 Thesis work: Surface Coatings Based on Phenyl silicones.

1956-1961 Student, Budapest Technical University, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Engineering of
Organic Chemistry, Hungary.

Professional appointments
2004-2005Technical Director of Tropiglas co, head of research, Singapore Institute of
Technology, Singapore
Project: Infrared glazing. 
2000-2003Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, RM
Projects IT University, Melbourne, Australia: 
2000-2003Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, RMIT University,
Melbourne, Australia
Recycling of thermoplastic polymers, Thermosetting composites, Nanocomposites.
1993-1999Senior Scientist, Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers, 
Project: Structure investigations on polymers and polymeric blends.
1990-1993Senior Research Fellow in GIRD project managed by MONTECH at Dept. Materials
Engineering, Monash University, Clayton,  AUSTRALIA
Project: Engineering polymer blends and alloys.
1989-1990Senior Research Fellow, Department of Materials Engineering, Monash University,
Project: protective polymer coatings on optical fibres.
1988-1989Principal Research Scientist, Research Institute of Plastic Industry, Budapest, 1950, 
Project: Structure and properties of mesomorphic (liquid crystalline) polymers.
1982-1988Head of Department for Syntheses of Polymers in the Research Institute of Plastic
Industry, Budapest
Project: Syntheses, properties and application of saturated and unsaturated polyester
resins as well as their part time: Senior Research Scientist:
Project: Structure of mesomorphic polymers, miscibility of polymers with low and high
molecular mass organic materials. 
1984On leaves to Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (one month).
Project: NMR Study of Side Chain Mesomorphic Polymers.
1983,1984On leaves to Institute for Physics, Academy of 1982 Sciences USSR, Novosibirsk
(three weeks).
Project: Structure investigation of mesomorphic polymers by synchrotron radiation.
1974-1982Senior Research Fellow, Research Institute of Plastic Industry, Budapest
Project: Syntheses and structure of mesomorphic (liquid crystalline) polymers.
Structural investigation of solid state polymerisation.
1980,1977On leave to Institute of Physical Chemistry, Martin Luther University of Halle
Wittenberg, GDR. (six weeks).
Project: X ray Diffraction Studies on Mesomorphic Polymers.
1962 1974Research Fellow, Research Institute of Plastic Industry, Budapest.
Projects: Synthesis, curing and application of epoxide resins and Structural
investigation of solid state polymerisa¬tion.
1969-1970On leave to Institute of Metal organic Compounds Academy of Scien¬ces, USSR,
Moscow (six months).
Project: X ray Diffraction Study of Monomeric Single Crystals Polymerisable in Solid
1965-1966On leave to Institute Ruder Boskovic, Zagreb, Yugoslavia (one year).
Project: X ray diffraction studies of organic single crystals.
1961-1962Research Engineer in Chinoin Pharmaceutical and Chemical Factory, Budapest,
Hungary (six month)
Project: Syntheses of pharmaceutical compounds.
1961Chemical Engineer in the Factory of Industrial Chemicals, Budapest, Hungary
(two months)
Project: Production of chemicals in industrial scale, including organophil bentonite.

Main research interest
-structure, properties and application of partly ordered organic systems (polymers,
polymeric systems, liquid crystals, polymeric liquid crystals, etc.)
-structure, properties and application of organic composite materials (reinforced polymeric
materials, polymer blends, nanocomposites, etc.)
-inorganic and organic crystallography;
-chemistry of water.

Scientific activities
1961-2003Author or co-author of more than 150 scientific publications.
2001Co-author of an industrial patent in the field of infrared glazing
1999Co-author of an industrial patent in the field of polymer blends.
1982-1989Co-author of ive industrial patents in the field of unsaturated polyester resins and their
1998Invited Paper, Journal of Thermal Analysis.
Annealing of Polypropylene/Polyethylene Blends Near to the Melting Points in
1989Invited Speaker, 7th International Liquid Crystal Conference of Socialistic Countries,
Cracow, Poland.
Mesomorphic Polymers: Structural and Practical Hypotheses.
1988Invited Paper, Liquid Crystal Conference, Amherst, USA.
NMR Studies on Side Chain Mesomorphic Polymers.
1986Invited Participant of the field trip in Pyrenee organised by the French Speleological
Society as a satellite symposium of the International Congress of Speleology
1985Invited Paper, Israel Journal of Chemistry.
The Effect of the Structural Elements on the Properties of Side Chain Mesomorphic
1984Invited Scientist by Japanese Society for Promotion of Scientists, Hokkaido
University, Sapporo, Japan
NMR Studies on Side Chain Mesomorphic  Polymers.
1982Invited Paper, Industrial Engineering Chemistry, Product Design and Development
Polymerisation in Liquid Crystal XII: Copolymerisation of Mesogenic Monomers.
1981Invited Paper, Liquid Crystal Conference,  Amherst, USA.
Mesomorphic Polymers as Three-component Thermodynamic Systems.
1979Invited Speaker, International Liquid Crystal Conference, Bangalore, India.
Mesomorphic Polymers: Hopes and Facts.
1979Invited Paper, Israel Journal of Chemistry.
Polymerisation in Liquid Crystals. Vlll.: Copolymerisation in Liquid Crystal¬line Media.
1978Invited Speaker, 7th International Liquid Crystal  Conference, Bordeaux, France
Nematic Polymers and Related Structures.

Educational activity
2000-2003Co-supervisor and consultant of MS and PhD works at RMIT University in the field of
polymers and polymer technology.
1993-2000Co-supervisor and consultant of MS and PhD works at RMIT and at Monash University
in the field of polymers and polymer technology.
1974-1989Participating in, supervision and opposition of PhD work in the field of chemical
crystallography, liquid crystalline systems (including polymers) and physical
chemistry of polymers.
1964-1989Supervior of BE and/or ME works of students at the Department for Plastics and
Rubber Technology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technical University of
Budapest (one or two students each year).
Structure and miscibility of polymers with ordered structures (liquid crystalline
polymers, crystallisation of semi-crystalline polymers, etc)
1962-1964Part time tutor (three semesters) Budapest Technical University, Budapest, Hungary
for undergraduate students
Machinery of Chemical Industry.

Membership of scientific institutions or societies.
1992-2004Full Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.
1986-1989Elected Member of the Presidium of the Hungarian Speleological Society.
1974-1989Member of Working Group for Macromolecules Physics, Hungarian Academy of
1974-1984Elected Head of Working Group: Organic Condensed Materials, Macromolecules of
Roland Eotvos Physical Society, Hungary.
1968-1989Elected Member of the Executive Committee of the Hungarian Speleological Society
1968 1989Full Member of Roland Eotvos Physical Society, Hungary.
1961 1989Full Member of Hungarian Chemical Society.
1959 Full Member of Hungarian Speleological Society.

Additional skills and training
-X ray diffraction, including single crystal, small angle and synchrotron techniques;
-Electron (TEM, SEM) and optical microscopy;
-Temperature modulated differential scanning calorimetry and thermal analysis;
-Many years experiences in using chemical analytical instruments (IR, NMR, FTIR, UV and
 optical spectroscopy, polarography, potentiometry, etc);
-Computation in chemistry and chemical crystallography (eg. force field, quantum chemistry,
lattice energy, single crystal X ray diffraction, etc.) using both commercial and self-prepared
-Many years experiences in computer programming using languages as C, Fortran, assemblers,
ALGOL, Basic for preparing up to huge programs;
-Competent knowledge of English, German, Russian, French and Hungarian.
Curricula Vitae