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Last updated: 29/4/2013
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Dr George Lugosi
Education & Training:
1959 - Technical University of Budapest, Chemical Engineering, Diploma, B.Eng. (Chem.)

Hungarian Patent Office, Budapest, Completed two-year course for Patents Agents.
1966 - Certificate for Industrial Law Protection
1967 - Certificate for Patents Agent

1968 - Technical University of Budapest, Electronic Engineering, Diploma, B.Eng. (Elec.)

1975 - Ministry of Industry, Budapest, In-house training.
  Completed three year course in  Computer Science

1978 - Ministry of Industry, Budapest,In-house training.
  Completed two year course in Environmental Sciences.

Digital Equipment Corporation (Australia) Course of VMS System Management
1988 - VMS System Manager

Current Employment:
Director of Forarc Pty Ltd
Intellectual Property (Patent) Consultant, Project Management 

A. Full Time Activities
1. "Hungaria" Plastic-Processing Company.
     Operational Engineer1959-1961
     R&D Group Manager1961-1963
2. Hungarian Patent Office.Chief Engineer1963-1968
3. Research Institute for Chemical Industries.
    R&D Group-Manager1968-1975
    Department Manager1975-1979
4. Institute of Flight Sciences   Principal Research Fellow  1979-1980
5. Micro Logic GmbH, Munich, Germany.
    Project Engineer1980-1981
6. Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medicine
    IT/EDP Manager and Engineer1982-1997
7. In 1997 I resigned and commenced work as Director of Forarc Pty Ltd.
    Consulted in the field of Intellectual Property, providing technical information, search, and
    consultation. (Patents, Trade Marks, Registered Design and Plant Breeders’ Rights.) 

B. Seconded:
1. Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    Central Research Institute of Physics
    Member of the Committee for Cosmic Physics and Space Research. Designing equipment for
    aerial photography, image processing and remote-sensing. Develop anti vibration material for
    missile electronics.1972-1976
    R&D Group Manager. Investigation of soil-type distribution of dry areas using different passive
    scanners, aerial photography and image processing techniques.1976-1979
2. Ministry of Agriculture
    Committee of Remote-Sensing and Aerial Photography
    Using ERTS Satellite photos for monitoring crops. Practical usage of the previous satellite and
    aerial photography programmes.1976-1980

International Society for Interdisciplinary
Study of Symmetry (ISIS Symmetry, Board member)
Australasian Computer-Graphics Association
University of Melbourne Computer Users' Committee
Ausgraph84, Ausgraph88 Organising Committee
Dr Ferenc Cser
DSC, PhD (Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
D. of Eng., M.Sc (Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Budapest)

Working experiences:
Industrial Chemical Factory
Chinoin Pharamceutical Company
Research Institute for Plastic Industry
(all in Budapest, Hungary)

Monash University
Royal Melbourrne Institute of Technology University
(both in Melbourne, Australia)

SIMTech, Singapore

International publications:
over 150

over 10

Lectures at international audience:
over 100

Expert in structural chemistry, synthesis and application of macromolecular systems, 
macromolecular physics, polymer technology and application - both thermoset nad thermplasctics -, 
chemistry of water and karst.

Curricula Vitae
Béla I Boros
Born: 1941 - Hungary
Married with two children (30 & 32)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Hungary)
  • M.Sc. (Mechanical), (Hungary)
  • Ph.Sc. (Phisycs-Radiology) (Hungary)
  • B.Sc.  (Business Management), (Australia)

  • 1961-1965  Machine Designer at private company
  • 1965-1987  Laboratory manager at  Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 1987-2002  Managing Director of Water Research Pty Ltd, Sydney
  • 2003          C.E.O. at Gold-Aqua Pacific Eng. (Sydney)
  • 2003          Managing Director at K.F. Szerviz Ltd, (Budapest)
1. P9701148 (Sold)
2. P9601638 (Sold)
3. P9302896 (Sold)
4. P0003774 (Sold)
5. 6 Feb. 2007 (P0700128)
6. 1 March 2007 (P0700187)
7. 20 March 2007 (P0700232)
8. 16 April 2007 (P0700281)

9. Nov. 2007 (20079046472)
    Computer Program Controlled Equipment
10. Nov. 2007 (20079046473)
      Computer System for Remote Alarm Contol
11. 5 Feb. 2008 PCT/HU 2008/00013
12. April 2008 (UO800074)
13. Aug. 2008  (WO2008HU00013)

1968 Chemical Engineering at the Technical University, Budapest (BME)

Professional appointments
1974-1988 Assistant Professor at the General and Analytical Chemistry Department of BME
2011 onwards Associate Professor h.c. at the General and Analytical Chemistry Department of BME

Main research fields - a new measurement technique for electrokinetic potential of hydrofil colloidal particles, current polarized solid membrane ion-selective electrodes, system theory of the analytical chemistry, development of coagulation control model in water clarification processes.

Additional skills and training
Cofounder of the Aqua-Concorde Water Analysis and Technology LLC,1992 and head of the R&D Laboratory. Main research profiles are research for new analytical methods, developments of analytical instruments, developments of process control instrumentation of water and wastewater technologies. 1992-93 leader of the research team which discovered the new spectrometric source of the electrolyte cathode discharge (ELCAD). This innovation provided the first direct metal analysis method for monitoring of the municipal and industrial waste waters.

Recent activity focusing on the following fields: general model of glow discharge plasmas, fast measuring principle for corrosivity of fluids, extremely stable and sensitive microcoulometric detector for halogenid ions, isotope effects in the electroanalytical methods.

Scientific publication (Web of Science): international publications 25, international conference proceedings: 14, independent citations: 451.

International research and scientific adviser activity: postdoctoral research fellow in 1975 at Louisiana State Univ., New Orleans, scientific adviser for shorter periods between 1994-2011 : W.W.R.Grace Corp., Washington Research Center, Columbia, MD, USA; Environmental Technology Group, Inc., Baltimore, PA, USA; YUIL Environmental Institute, Seoul, S.Korea; Case Western Reserve University, Biomedical Eng. Dept.,Cleveland, OH, USA; National Central Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt; WWTT Corp., Wilmington DE, USA ; CENTIVE GmbH, Bremen, D;
Dr Tamas