Biological Soil Restoration
with BIOMEX soil bacteria composition

Desolving problem: 
Bring to life again the depleted soil

The most significant step in the restoration of the soil involves the restoration of the microbial activity of the soil

Using properly selected soil bacteria it is possible to restore the micro-flora and fauna. The micro-, meso- and macro-flora and fauna built upon each other. The “micro”-s (bacteria, fungi, etc) are the basis as well in the soil, as in us, in our intestines.

The functions and types of the bacteria:
The Nutrient Builders
The Decomposers                                                Bacteria connects the soil particles    
The Growth Hormone Producers 
The Nitrogen Fixers 
The Protectors
The Middlemen 
The Soil Builders 

How can we restore the activity of the soil?

- Avoid the use of harsh chemicals
- Restore organic matter and humus
- Increase the activity of microbial activity of the soil 
- Balance the type of microbes in the soil                                                     

The same crop with Biomex (left side of box)
and without Biomex (right side of the box)

Fields of application:
It is usable with success in the agriculture and in the gardens, where we can see the signs of the depleted soil, or we should like to reach better crop-production.

Assists the development of the roots of the plants
Increase the plants resistance to deseases
Reduces transplant losses and the planting shock
Improves the plants’ tolerance to drought, pollutions and soil salinity
Helps to reduce or abandon the usage of chemicals
Assists the soil by water retention and by increased nutrient supply 

Stage of development:
Available product

Documantation available: 

Patent Application 2007, before PCT (Australia)

Owner of the invention:
The Inventors

Business intention:
Selling the product.
The  Biomex is presented in 4 different blends: Home blend, Agricultural blend,
Recreational turf and lawn blend, Broad Acres blend (Biomex-Plus)

Name:  South-Pacific Innovation Transfer Society (S.I.T.S.)

Phone: +61 3 9852 8751 Mobile: +61 407 971 939
Postal Address: P.O. Box 18, Kew 3101, Victoria, Australia

European Office: K.F. Szerviz Kft

Phone: +36 1 3559 667
Postal Adress: H- 1531 Budapest, 126 Post Office,  PO Box 65
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