Propagation of Algae using Waste Heat

Simultaneously using the waste heat and to lighten the CO load, getting lipid, 2 triglycerid and cellulose products.

At algae production one of the important costs is to keep the proper temperature, independently of the time of day and the weather. Using the photosynthesis, we can make the algae to produce lipids, glucose and cellulose. This can make useful industrial product, beside using waste heat and cutting back the CO2 load. 

It is a world-wide known process to bring algae in the industrial oil-production. Experiments are running, but they are not arrived to such industrial processes yet, which could offer to the industry oil producing solutions with positive energy balance.
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Last updated: 29/4/2013
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Application :
Power plants, plants to produce waste heat, usage of geothermic and thermal water sources

using waste heat and cutting back the CO2 load,the used algae-tribe utilises the carbon of the CO2 ,using photosynthesis, using the industrial waste heat for producing algae, the produced oxygen notably improve the lode of the surrounding, inthe industrial processes the CO2 quota is a notable share of the expenditures, can expand the usage of waste heat even to geothermic energies.