Come and hear about our innovative technologies when the 
International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) 
presents at the following international events:
Last updated: 29/4/2013


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April 2007
18-22 (Geneva)
Salon of Inventions
Award: Gold Medal

May 2007
18-20 (Kuala Lumpur)
ITEX 07 
Award: Gold Medal

29-31 (Warsaw)
IWIS (International Warsaw Invention Show)
Gold Medal & IWIS Cup
September 2007
11-16 (Zagreb)
ARCA 2007 International Exhibition of Inventions
Award: Gold Medal

27-30 (Taipei)
Invention Show and Technomart
Award: Silver Medal
World Cup Finalist 2008
November 2007
1-4 (Nuremberg)
IENA Nuremberg
Award: Silver Medal
Special Award: Malasia

30 (Russia)
Russia House Inov.
"Genius" Award

December 2007
1 (Belgrade)
International Exhibition and Conference:
Award: Gold Medal
January 2008
18 (Budapest, Hungary)
MAFE Annual General Meeting
Award: Invention of the Year

February 2008
2-5 (Bangkok, Thailand)
The First International Inventor's Day Convention
The IFIA Jubilee Year Opening
Award: Honoured Exhibitor
(National Research Council of Thailand)
Award: Best Invention
(Islamic Azad University, Iran)
AwardEnvironment Protection
(National Research Council of Thailand)
Award: Diploma for Outstanding Achievements
(State University, Moldva)

March 2008
Moszkva "Russian  Award"

September 2008
16-21 (Zagreb)
ARCA 2008 International Fair of Inventions - Agricultural Inventions
Award: Gold Medal
Special Award

October 2008
17-20 (Suzhou, China)
World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions - IFIA Project, 2007-2008
Award: Gold Medal (Oil Dragon)
Award: Silver Medal 
    (Remote Alarm Control)
Award: Silver Medal 
    (Silica Removal)
Award: Silver Medal 
    (Novel Biodiesel)

Best Invention: Mawhiba Award of Saudi Arabia
(Oil Dragon & Silica Removal)
Special Award:
China Inventor Association 
Honoured Award:
Shanghai Technical H.S.

IFIA Outstanding Service Medal

December 2008
11-14 (Seoul)
Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) AWARDS:
Special Prize: Oil-Dragon
Gold Prize: Oil-Dragon
Gold Prize: Computer Program                     Controlled Equipment
Gold Prize: Biomex
Silver Prize: Silica Removal
Bronze Prize: Remote Controlled               Based Computer Program
May 2009
15-18 (Kuala Lumpur) 
Special Award: Gold Medal (Oil Dragon)
Special Award: 
(Computer Program Controlled Equipment)
Special Award: (Silica Removal)
Special Award: (Biomex)
Special Award: (Alarm)
Special Award: (Novel Biodiesel)

June 2009
1-3 (Warsaw)
Award: Gold Medal (Oil Dragon)
Award: Gold Medal (Silica Removal)

13 (Budapest)
Hungarian Invertors Day
IFIA Recognition Award
Silver Cross of Merit - The Night

September 2009
9-13 (Budapest) GENIUS - EUROPE
International Fair of Inventions and Competition of Graduates in Technical Field

Award: Gold Medal (Oil Dragon)
Award: Gold Medal (Algae)
Award: Gold Medal (Biomex)
Award: Medal (Remote Control)
Award: St Jeromos Cup (Computer Program)
Award: IWIS Gold Medal (Oil Dragon)
Award: MAFE Jubilee Gold Medal            (Personal Recognition)
Award: FIRI Special Award -  Best Invention               (Oil Dragon)

November 2009
5-8 (Nuremberg) - IENA

Award: Gold Medal (Oil Dragon)
(Russian House for Int. Scienfitic Ass.)
Award: Gold Medal (Oil Dragon)
(IENA: Intern. Trade Fair)
Award: Gold Medal (Algae)
(Association of Polish Inventors)

December 2009
3-7 (Seoul)
Seoul International Invention Fair - SIIF

Award: Gold Medal (Biomex - KIPA)
Award: Gold Medal (Computer Program            Controlled Equipment - KIPA)
Award: Gold Medal (Algae - FIRI)

Special Outstanding Award: Oil Dragon
Rajamangala University of Technology - Thailand

Award: Silver Prize (Remote Controlled             Alarm System - KIPA)

Award: Bronze (Silica Removal - KIPA)
May 2010
7-9 (Slatina) 
Hungarian Agro & Eco Innovation Days
Award: Arca-Eco's Prize (Oil Dragon)

15-18 (Ljubljana - Slovenia)
Award: Gold Medal (Silica Removal)
Award: Silver Medal (Oil Dragon)
Award: Silver Medal (Biomix)
Award: Outstanding Medal from Belgrade Association of Inventors (Silica Removal)

23-27 (Szaúdi Arábia)
Ibiktar Award: Oil Dragon
Ibiktar Award: Silver Medal (Silica Removal)
Recognition Award: IWIS Jubilee Medal

August 2010
19-20 (Târgu Mureş - Romania)
International Exhibition of Inventors
Award: Recognition of Participation
August 2011
24-27 (Kaoshiung - Taiwan)
2nd World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions
Award: Silver Medal in Recognition of Innovative Excellence
Fully Computerised Decontaminator / Emulsion Separator